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RowAlong Workouts

RowAlong Workouts
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RowAlong with me and let me improve your speed, your fitness, and your technique on any rowing machine to help you row longer and faster. Each week, I upload workouts and tips / hacks / review videos too. So subscribe to be notified.

In the RowAlong workouts, I guide you through the whole row, a friendly voice in your ear to motivate, coach and entertain you through each Indoor Rowing workout as we Row Along together. There's no annoying background music - so you can play whatever you want too. All rowing sessions are based on time, not distance, so just climb on, and let the video guide you through when to start and stop.

You don’t have to use a Concept2 rowing machine, though it is recommended - as non Concept 2 machines may give a different monitor display for pace.

For more info, go to www.rowalong.com

DISCLAIMER: These are tough workouts. If you’re unsure about your health, get checked out first. And if at any point you feel unwell, stop and take time to recover.

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