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Below is our curated list of some of the most popular and highly recommended YouTube workout channels broken down by workout type.

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Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility and calm your mind. Click the image to the left to explore some of the best free Yoga channels.
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Pilates is great for strengthening your core muscles and improving flexibility. Click the image to the left to explore some of the best free Pilates channels.
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HIIT (high intensity interval training) is geared towards fast, intense workouts with short periods of rest. Great for improving your cardio fitness in shorter duration workouts.
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Dance Fit

Dance fitness is a great way to improve your cardio while having fun. Click to explore some of the best free dance fitness channels.
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General fitness videos offer a variety of ways to get in shape and often incorporate yoga, pilates, interval training, strength training, and even dance.
To be considered, the channel has to have a large library of content, continue to release current material, and be highly recommended in online communities such as Reddit. We've included statistics about how popular channels are and a breakdown of typical workout duration.

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